Ladat ๏๏๏ General Policies For Agents




In order to expand the market and bring quality products to customers, Ladat๏๏๏ develops the agency system and supports agents based on the following transparent principles.


  1. Principles of sustainable co- operation

– Ladat๏๏๏ will share the opportunity, share business benefits and accompany the long-term, sustainable company.

– To take care of and support agents to improve business efficiency.

– To protect customers for the Agents, ensure fairness across the distribution system.

– Together with agents to expand the market and expand the distribution channel of the Agents, bringing high quality products, safe for consumers’ health at reasonable prices.


  1. Pricing and discount policies for agents

– Ladat๏๏๏ send product price list including retail price anddiscount to Agents. The retail price listed on the quotation and website is the price without VAT.

– After 6 months, the company will rely on the sales, size, capacity of the Agents to have a separate discount for that Agents.

– Ladat๏๏๏ commits to supply products to agents at the prices specified in the price list.

– Ladat๏๏๏ will regularly review and have better preferential policies for agents that regularly import goods.


III. Contract & debt

– After the two sides signed the contract, the Agents will have to pay the total value of the order before we ship the goods to.

– Based on the results of cooperation and payment history, the Agents will enjoy better preferential rates on credit policy and liabilities.


  1. Agent support

Marketing Support:

– Agents are updated with information on prices, information on goods, products, marketing programs and sales promotion materials.

– Ladat๏๏๏ will introduce customers near Agent’s area to purchase.

– Agents are trained in sales knowledge.


Support for goods:

-Within 3 days from the date of receipt of the goods, the Agents will be exchanged a new one if the product has any problem that is determined to be the fault of the manufacturer. In case of no longer exchanging, Ladat๏๏๏ will support maximum Agents to solve the problem in the best way.

– Ladat๏๏๏ supports delivery to customers, and is responsible for the quality of goods shipped from the warehouse of Ladat๏๏๏ to the delivery place of the Agents.


  1. Requirements for agents

– Agents actively build sales networks, develop markets, provide their products in the form of healthy activities and show the profession.

– Proactively plan your business, customer development plan, plan to bring products to consumers in the area you are in charge.

– Support and combine with Ladat๏๏๏ whenever there are promotions, advertisements taking place at the Agency’s business locations.

– If you are an exclusive distributor, do not trade in similar products of other brands and products of unknown origin.

– The selling price offered by the agent to the customer is equivalent to the suggested retail price of Ladat๏๏๏, must not be devaluated.


Individuals or companies who are interested in cooperating with us please contact us for more details.

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