Ladat ๏๏๏ – induction heaters WS-MINI

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Ladat – induction heaters WS-MINI

Ladat – induction heaters WS-MINI (without batteries)

– All-new compact (super compact) design brings luxury and nobility when traveling with Dynavap.

LED level status notification when clicked!

– Induction heating coil mechanism with wood heaters that is stable against heat and heat-balanced spring adjustment. The right temperature will make Dynavap heat up, the herbs will be fully ripe. For better smoke and taste. And limit the situation of black vapcap at a relative level!

– Size of furnace:

WS-MINI 34 x 38 x 68mm

Use with switching source 12V 6 ~ 8A

– Solid wood shell of  Rosewood, Ebon wood combined with wood Stabilizer wood.

Convenient for you to keep in the bedroom, or where there is a power source, it functions like the IH of Dynatec. Extremely lightweight and portable. You can keep it neatly everywhere

Ladat heat furnace is a supporting accessory using Dynavap. Dynavap custom aimed at improving usability for users. Higher performance change in taste. We always strive to provide the community with high quality wood fittings.

Products are handmade in Vietnam

Thank you customers who love and trust and support Ladat

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