Ladat ๏๏๏ induction heater IH-WS

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Ladat Induction Heater ๏๏๏ WS


  • Completely new and more compact design brings luxury and nobility when combined with Dynavap.


  • Led for notification of battery level has 3 colors. Green is if the battery is full. Blue if the battery is medium. Red if the battery is low.


  • The mechanism is an induction heating coil with the mouth of the heater made of heat-resistant stable wood and the adjustment of the springs to balance the temperature. The right temperature will make Dynavap heat up and the herbs will be fully ripe, giving smoke and a better taste. It also limits the status of vapcap blackened relatively!



  • IH-WS 29*34 x 68 x 118mm (The height of the head section is 33mm)
  • Use with 3 batteries SONY VTC5 18650, that is safe for users and the usage time can be up to 120 ~ 150 clicks ()
  • This product allows the replacement of batteries. We recommend you to use batteries of famous brands such as Panasonic – SONY- VTC 5-6 – SAMSUNG 25R – 30Q – LGHE …
  • The usage life when the battery is fully charged for the VTC5 battery is 120 ~ 150 / clicks
  • Create convenience for you when traveling and having parties with friends. It makes picnics comfortable with extreme performance. The product is very compact and extremely portable. You can put it in your backpack neatly.
  • The product uses a convertible DC power supply of 12.6v ~ 3A.


Ladat ๏๏๏ Induction heater is an accessory used with Dynavap. Dynavap custom aims to improve the convenience of the user by creating a higher performance in terms of taste. We always attempt to provide the community with high- quality wooden accessories.


This product is handcrafted in Vietnam


(The product comes with batteries so the customer will receive the item after 4 weeks or longer. If you want a faster purchase, we can ship it to you without the battery and the price is $ 25)


Thank you for loving, trusting, and supporting Ladat ๏๏๏




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