Dynavap custom XL ( ebon )

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Dynavap custom XL for Ladat ๏๏๏ ( titanium )

* Use as an alternative to DYNAVAP’s original M or XL body item!
– Body size 62 x 12 ~ 14mm
For Ebony. Dalbergia cochinchinensis. Rosewood.
– Change the appearance and style of wood.
* Precious wood material belongs to Group A. Ebony, Dalbergia cochinchinensis – Rosewood. Stabilizer wood
Characteristics of Vietnam Ebony – Dalbergia cochinchinensis and Rosewood are very hard because of Vietnam’s harsh climate. These kinds of woods grow from cliffs, therefore having almost no grain. The wood can be harder than the buffalo horn. They are resistant to water and high temperature. After being polished by sandpaper, we only need to wipe it with jeans to make it glossy without any surface treatment chemicals. It was mostly used to make the jewels that the Kings and Royal Families used to wear. They are harder and more special than those from South Africa because the South African climate has a high moisture content which is favorable for trees to grow fast and big. Africa’s climate is not as harsh as Vietnam. Hence, they are almost banned for exploiting and very expensive!
* Stabilized wood material. Colors and patterns are very impressive and unique. Wood is imported directly from Russia with vivid colors. It is not as hard as Ebony and Dalbergia cochinchinensis but very beautiful and pricy.
* Ladat – body is an item used to replace the original Dynavap body to enhance the aesthetic for users with better insulation than metal body. Body Ladat has a simple classic style and is a completely handmade product from Vietnam
* Ladat – always try our best to bring the best quality products to our customers. Thank you for trusting and consuming our Ladat products!
Condenser Mouthpiece Ladat (steam pipes and suction heads) for M-XL for Dalat.
– Ladat – an item to replace the original Dynavap to enhance the aesthetic for users with a simple classic style.
– Replace and supplement for the body item of the original M or XL to enhance the perception of herbs and create a cooler sense when using.

Handmade in Vietnam


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