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Wooden body item for M – XL for Ladat.
* Use as an alternative to DYNAVAP’s original M or XL body item!
– Body size 62 x 12 ~ 14mm
For Ebony. Dalbergia cochinchinensis. Rosewood.
– Change the appearance and style of wood.
* Precious wood material belongs to Group A. Ebony, Dalbergia cochinchinensis 

Ladat ๏๏๏ induction heater IH-2020v2 new face
• Completely new and more compact design brings luxury and nobility when combined with Dynavap.

Mouthpice Condenser XL 

effective supplemental version. thick smoke tastes evenly and is very cool! Please experience!

Ladat ๏๏๏ induction heaters.
With the nostalgic style of design, and making the most of the 3-battery 18650 power, you can go out for weeks without having to worry about charging problems. Your picnic will not be interrupted for a moment. Be enjoy.

Ladat ๏๏๏ . Wooden box for Dynavap XL & X & M